“The process of painting is a phenomenally mysterious practice.” – Rachel Ovadia

Welcome to the mesmerizing canvas of Rachel, an artist whose work defies convention and celebrates the unpredictable. Here, you’ll discover a portfolio of Contemporary Abstract art that is as experimental as it is evocative. Born from spontaneity and nurtured by resourcefulness, each piece serves as a window into Rachel’s ever-changing emotional landscape. Dive in and let yourself be captivated by the mysterious alchemy of colors, textures, and emotions that come together to create something truly unique. Thank you for joining us on this artistic journey.

At your Leisure



Mega Works on Canvas

Step into the grandeur of Rachel’s ‘Mega Works on Canvas,’ where each monumental piece serves as a sweeping landscape of emotion, color, and artistic innovation, offering an immersive experience that truly envelops the viewer.


Medium Works on Canvas

Discover the allure of Rachel’s ‘Medium Works on Canvas,’ a series that strikes a harmonious balance between scale and impact, offering a more expansive canvas for her experimental bursts of color and emotion.

Mini Works on Canvas

Explore Rachel’s ‘Mini Works on Canvas’—a captivating collection where each compact piece packs a powerful punch of emotion and ingenuity, encapsulating the essence of her larger works in a more intimate format.