Rachel M. Ovadia has been a contemporary abstract artist for over 25 years.  Her vast body of works includes a great diversity of styles in painting, drawing, etching and sculpture.  With the purpose of uncovering the essence of art, Rachel Ovadia has spend a significant amount of her life traveling throughout the globe searching to discover the beauty and harmony that this world has to offer.  She has lived in the Middle East, Europe, United States and is currently residing in Canada.  She studied Fine Art in prestigious institutions in Russia, Belgium, Italy and Canada.

In the course of frequent travel, and continuous education Rachel Ovadia has gained a tremendous amount of insight and inspiration from both European and Asian cultures.  These experiences have all played an integral part in her development as an artist and in the progression of her vast collections.

When Rachel Ovadia paints her canvas absorbs a strong out-poor of emotion and cultural revelations that she has grasped and encountered at that present time in her life.  The layers, the colors, the brush storks, the scrapes… individually represent a different awareness and sensation, whether it’s a vivid smell, an architectural drawing, a piece of music, or a wounded dog in the park, each of these daily encounters play a role in the development of every work of art that she produces.

Rachel Ovadia is in permanent progression of exploring new mediums, surfaces, and applications.  She is always striving to take art to the next level.  Although she is often guided by her emotions she has recently tapped into her higher intelligence as a forward thinking approach to develop a new found cleverness in future creations.  For Rachel living as an artist is a constant strive to create and become saturated with inspirations that allow her to become excited about her next venture.  In a recent Magazine interview Rachel declared, “Art is integral to the evolution of Humanity as a whole, if you enter into the world of art because you want to make a living, it’s a competitive world out there so you’d better be prepared for battle.  But if you choose art because you choose to self-perfect your skills, then you’ve achieved your purpose in life”.  She goes on to say “My motto in life is not to set a safe path.  In order to evolve, you have to experiment, and grow with that.”

Not content to create works for sale or for the exclusive benefit of her gallery clients, Ovadia has consistently chosen to benefit public and charitable collections. These have included Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation- Toronto, The Mood Disorder Association- Toronto, Baycrest Art Foundation- Toronto, Bnai Brith Canada, Israeli Consulate- Toronto, Israeli Consulate, Japan, Tokyo City Hall- Japan.  Most notably, Ovadia donated a collection of large scale paintings to the Archives of Ontario.

Rachel Ovadia has also had the privilege of working with some of Canada’s internationally renowned interior designers to develop various series of works that now grace the lobbies and halls of hotels, resorts, luxury residences and modern restaurants. In addition, her works have been selected and showcased on numerous HGTV programs.

In 2009, Rachel Ovadia in collaboration with other young thriving performing artists contributed her development of a specially founded performance art group. Ovadia designed and created costumes for herself and for the other participating performers. The show held at the Gibsone Jessop Gallery in January, was open to the public and its motivation was to bring awareness to the importance of new forms in performance art as a viable artistic expression.

Rachel Ovadia has lived in Canada since 1986. Since that time she has demonstrated a sustained commitment to the artistic excellence. As well her prodigious output and philanthropic actions have benefited the cultural and local communities. While many artists develop and change stylistically over time, Ovadia’s unwavering dedication to experimentation, change and discovery have been the hallmarks of her career.