About painting: there is rarely any forward planning, materials and choices are made randomly, colors and mediums are selected in accordance with the needs of what transpires at the moment.   At times , when I run out of materials , I start creating alternative mediums, dilute pigments, add thinners or modeling paste  and come up  with new means  depending on my   the state of being.  It becomes a total alchemy. The outcome for the most part is greatly satisfying and unexpected. My mind keeps rushing, thus reassuring me that everything goes.

Internal cravings change without previous warnings. Chance plays the most significant role. What appeals to me is the moment’s uniqueness and fleeting nature whereby everything else ceases to exist.

The process of painting is a phenomenally mysterious practice. Following prescribed formulas, one is guided by a course of action, in my case however, the method is entirely experimental and resourceful and temporaneous.

Self -critical to a vast degree, I do not settle for compromise. I keep asking myself whether the work is worthy of attention, whether I have used up all of my awareness and resourcefulness but most of all whether it excites my senses and whether the work is not another repetition.

The expression of fluency, articulacy and persuasiveness is what appeals to me most.



Q & A:

Q. How do you  know when the painting is finished?
A. When I feel that the energies of the work have been used up.

Q. What is  your  criteria for a good work?
A. Good work is noteworthy. Good work is a novelty and conveys a strong presence. When the idea  or  whatever it is in the mind  has been articulated  persuasively  and I am “ reading “ it and I have a feeling of “ knowing”

Q. What is your ultimate goal?
A. To create works with a lasting value. Create works that withstand the trend of times , works that  are inspiring and expressive, bold and eloquent.

Q. What inspires you?
A. I am drawn into the future more than into the past. I like things that are transparent in nature , have an esthetic appeal, intriguing , I love fusion of minds, skills, words, creations, fabrics, alternative resources – all of that draws  me to come up with innovative ways of expression. Not because I change materials, but in the methods of utilizing the materials. I am inspired to see works of art in contemporary settings. It elevates my senses and motivates me to visualize in my mind  what I am attempting to achieve, to dare and explore new ways in moving towards new opportunities.

Q. Whose art had most influence  upon you?
A. I believe Spanish art has played a significant role in lending a hand to become more  expressive and daring. I am greatly moved by the philosophy and creative approach of Joseph Boyes  I find a lot of  emotional impact from Flameno music, Spanish architecture, Paolo Coelho  who encourages one to search for his own individual  unique voice and of course the wisdom of the sages.

Q. Where do you want your art to be?
A. I would love to see my works traversing geographical boundaries and reaching various ethnicities and remote   cultures.  I believe art has its own language and it is the only language capable of uniting  most  nations.

Q. Why is it important to create and paint?
A. It is a way of life and life becomes richer that way, because art speaks and civilization depends on what is being said.  It depends on the art of  expression.  I mean by how it ‘s being said. Visual culture nowadays is rampant. It is important though not to drown in it.  In its vast abundance, one has to do some work in clearing the pathways of visual pollution.

Q. What has painting given to you personally?
A. It promotes my sense of curiosity, it urges me to move along and not get stuck in  the same place . Painting  sharpened my senses and  given me a lot of personal reward. I  also  came to learn to read  the  visual language surrounding me  which enables me to become  discerning and understand the level of sophistication or lack of it  for that matter. One cannot fool the eye and the heart. The heart has its own wisdom.

Q. How to you feel about self taught artists?
A. Being taught is not always a substantial   asset because it takes away from the very core of authenticity with which one  gathers visual information  and  renders it visually. Authenticity is certainly a very valuable quality . By that I mean one’s own unadultered ideas without anyone’s influence or input.

Q. What moves you in a work?
A. I have to be convinced by the sincerity  and the  intention  and  I have to be seduced by the emotion or idea……… I have to see it with my soul…… In the end  boils it   down to the character and quality  of the person making the art…..